Monday, March 29, 2010

Moraine was WET!

We knew it was going to rain on us yesterday....but we were hoping for a couple hours before it started.  I think we almost made it out of the parking lot before it actually did.  Every time I ride Moraine it's either raining or saturated in 200% humidity, either way I'm soaked within minutes of riding.  Felt pretty good, and cleared a lot more than I ever had....really good considering my Heckler felt like crap.  I think I need some serious suspension work on that thing.  Well until the next outing...enjoy.

the boys at Moraine

The boys at Moraine

wet lonely trail ducky

Wet, lonely trail trash

Karen survived this endo

Karen survived the almost-endo....awesome!

Brunger was on fire

Brunger nailing it

Moraine Park Ranger

Moraine Park Ranger checking in

Mike tick lyme disease

oh and last but not least...the ticks are out for sure......

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