Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boyce Park was awesome!

Besides Don's numerous issues with his Stan's tubeless tires, it was a really great night at Boyce.  It was a little chilly but really beautiful.  The greenery is growing in and made the tight single track look even sweeter!  I love biking.

Photos from last night -

Great trails

Joe livin' it up

I love it!

mmmmm, Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Iron City Bikes' Black and Gold Sprints at OTB

I headed over to OTB to check out Iron City Bikes' Black & Gold Sprints Friday, good time.  Everyone was pushing hard; veins popping, muscles twitching, beers drinking, and tunes spinning.  Maybe some day I'll try my hand at the sprints, but for now hanging out and watching is good enough for me.  Stupid me walked out on my check at the end of the night and didn't realize it until I pedaled onto Walnut Street in Shadyside...whoops.  Sorry Marty!

Photographs from the evening -

Cool design!

Concert footage

Tunes blaring

Lots of encouragement

North Park's Dr J Freeride Trail and the IMBA Trail Care Crew

We had a great turnout on Saturday for the IMBA trail day at North Park, maybe 35 people or so. Cut a new segment into the top of the trail, did some armoring, laid some pipe, and built a couple new stunts. The trail is almost complete...just a few more stunts and fine tuning...go out and enjoy it!

Photos from the day -

Jamie and Kirk

Rick, Karen, Darrin and I dealt with some runoff

Murphy kept us in line

a new kicker off one of the bridges

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dr J and IMBA

Jamie and I spent a couple hours fine tuning some features on the Dr J freeride trail in North Park, then I took photos of some crazy people riding down it.  This weekend IMBA will be in Pittsburgh to help out with the trails.  Show up at Dr J at 1PM Saturday and throw a shovel or two of dirt around.

Gallery of shots from yesterday -

A couple drops and berms along Dr J

A nice lip to get some air off of

Dr J doing some cutting

Ray gettin' some

Brian showed up for a bit

Dan was getting some air

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pedal Pale Ale and Frick Park

First, online registration is now open for the Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride from East End Brewing.  What are you waiting for???? Sign up!

And I felt like whatever was kickin' my ass the past couple days was leaving my body so I went out for a short hike in Frick to clear the head.  They are really doing a lot of work in there, but most of it seems to be along the trails that really need it the least.  Who am I to criticize?

A very soft trail

A tree in bloom

A cool Nine Mile Run find

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work on the Dr J Freeride Trail in North Park continues

I was under the weather so I couldn't make it out on Saturday to help out, but trail work continued.  This is a seriously solid build as you can see from the photographs, and everything has been very well thought out.  It's an incredible trail, and it'll only get better.  Thanks to everyone involved!

The photos below were taken by Darrin.
You can find all the ones Darrin took on Saturday here -
If you want to check out all the photos and videos I have of the Dr J trail, head over here -

Dr J Freeride Trail North Park
Jamie hard at work

Dr J Freeride Trail North Park
Setting the berm up

Dr J Freeride Trail North Park
Bridge going in

Dr J Freeride Trail North Park

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of action

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Went out for a noon time run in Frick Park, headed down to Whole Foods in East Liberty to man the Bike Pittsburgh table, then hit up North Park for a PORC ride.  My gas tank ran a little empty about mile 11 of the 13 of the ride, but that's cool...I tried my best to push Bob for the first 6, and paid for it at the end of the ride.  But hanging on a ride like that, on the only single speed, tells me I'm feeling better on the bike than I have in a few years.

Galleries from the day:
Frick Run -
Bike Pittsburgh Volunteering -
North Park Ride -

Frick Oak trees cut down because of Oak Wilt disease.

The Bike Pittsburgh table at Whole Foods

Joe and Ruthie at North Park

Jim ripping up the North Park mountain bike trails

It was a beautiful night

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend at Biber's

Dan, Mike, Biber, and I spent the weekend up in Warren, PA.  We rode in Ellicottville, New York on Saturday and the Allegheny National Forest on Sunday.  Hit some snow on the way up on Friday, and saw a skier hitting the slopes in Ellicottville on Saturday.  Great weekend, thanks Biber.

Photo galleries:
Warren, PA and Ellicottville, NY -
Rimrock Trail Loop in Allegheny National Forest -

Warren Pennsylvania
Mike and I hit some cold weather and snow on the way up

Kinzua Dam
Enjoying some morning coffee looking back at the Kinzua Dam

Dan victorious after riding Ellicottville

Biber on Rimrock Trail Loop in Allegheny National Forest

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OTB Beer Club, Patio Brewed Ales

Another fun night at OTB! Once a month Mike and Marty invite a brewer in to share and talk about their beers. Last night we were fortunate to have Dick and Mary Smith bring over some of their home-brews. Dick put together a nice slideshow explaining his brewing process, very informative.
My favorite was the Beoir Bhreithla, a dry stout made in honor of Dick's friend's 70th birthday. Beoir Bhreithla, not sure about that first 'h', is Celtic for Birthday Beer. Already looking forward to the next night of sampling!
Gallery of photographs is here:

schenley golf course
Cool shot of Schenley Golf course as I pedaled by.

Hot Metal Street Bridge
I like this one

Dick and Lee discussing ingredients

Beoir Bhreithia
My favorite, Beoir Bhreithla

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boyce Park Easter Heathen Ride

Mark, Tawni, Jim, and I hit up Boyce Park for a 14 mile ride this morning before people had to get going to dinners, etc.  Trails were fantastic!  The bugs were I still a vegetarian if I eat bugs?  I really didn't mean to, but there was no escaping swallowing one or twenty today.  Enjoy some shots!
Gallery of photographs is here:

me on a skinny
Me on a skinny

dry, perfect trails

trail maintenance
trail maintenance?

Dr J Freeride Trail in North Park

Saturday a bunch of us worked on part of the Dr J freeride trail in North Park. We worked on a section meant to slow riders after they completed the first hill of drops, before crossing a walking/biking path. Plans were for an elevated bridge and a more difficult natural skinny.
All told we spent about 9 hours working, and what we built will probably be there after we're all's solid as all get out.

Stay tuned for more fun features on Pittsburgh's only approved freeride trail!
Gallery of photographs is here:

cemented posts
Posts ready for cement

the gang working
Everyone hard at work

Jamie and Dave fine tuning
Dave and Jamie fine tuning the berm

The boys trying it out

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Bear, West Virginia....awesome

Mark, Tawni, Don, Don, John and I spent the day navigating leaf covered trails at Big Bear yesterday. Fantastic ride, albeit extremely tiring. The leaves were so thick we lost trail a few times and they sucked all the life out of our legs. Stupid me didn't eat at the halfway point and talked Mark into doing a half hour bonus loop near the end...I basically collapsed in the parking lot. The single speed was deadly.
Great day.
Gallery of photographs is here:

big bear west virginia
the weather was perfect!

Don pushing through the leaves
Don cruising through the rocks

Don crushing it
Don can't be stopped

Don had some issues
Olson had a few mechanical issues

we found snow

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bike Pittsburgh Volunteering

Last night I spent a couple hours, with some like minded individuals, getting membership packets out for Bike Pittsburgh. There was a great turnout, even with the perfect weather outside. It wasn't all bad...while we slaved away we were treated to some great veggie curry from Salim's and cupcakes from Dozen, thanks Erok!
Gallery of photographs is here:

bike pittsburgh
Awesome weather!

bike pittsburgh
Erok explaining what needs to get done.

bike pittsburgh
Working away.