Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of action

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Went out for a noon time run in Frick Park, headed down to Whole Foods in East Liberty to man the Bike Pittsburgh table, then hit up North Park for a PORC ride.  My gas tank ran a little empty about mile 11 of the 13 of the ride, but that's cool...I tried my best to push Bob for the first 6, and paid for it at the end of the ride.  But hanging on a ride like that, on the only single speed, tells me I'm feeling better on the bike than I have in a few years.

Galleries from the day:
Frick Run -
Bike Pittsburgh Volunteering -
North Park Ride -

Frick Oak trees cut down because of Oak Wilt disease.

The Bike Pittsburgh table at Whole Foods

Joe and Ruthie at North Park

Jim ripping up the North Park mountain bike trails

It was a beautiful night

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