Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OTB Beer Club, Patio Brewed Ales

Another fun night at OTB! Once a month Mike and Marty invite a brewer in to share and talk about their beers. Last night we were fortunate to have Dick and Mary Smith bring over some of their home-brews. Dick put together a nice slideshow explaining his brewing process, very informative.
My favorite was the Beoir Bhreithla, a dry stout made in honor of Dick's friend's 70th birthday. Beoir Bhreithla, not sure about that first 'h', is Celtic for Birthday Beer. Already looking forward to the next night of sampling!
Gallery of photographs is here: http://www.jonpratt.com/2010/OTB-Beer-Club-Dicks-Patio0405

schenley golf course
Cool shot of Schenley Golf course as I pedaled by.

Hot Metal Street Bridge
I like this one

Dick and Lee discussing ingredients

Beoir Bhreithia
My favorite, Beoir Bhreithla

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