Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Opening Day at Seven Springs Downhill Park

Darrin and I met up with Steve, Rich, Justin, Justin, Jeff, and Eryn....ran into 'Fro and Heather for opening day at Seven Springs Downhill Park on Saturday. The ground was dry and dusty, the lines were tight, the hucks were good. I think everyone was getting their mojo back, first time on a downhill course in a least I was. Last time for me was a failure on a berm that ended my season early last year. Seven Springs is really coming along, Frankenstein is awesome, the Tank drop is cool...just fix the road under it please!!!! Can't wait to go out again.

Enjoy some photos and video from the day.
Full gallery here -

Jeff waiting on a run

Steve at the top

Getting ready for the alpine slide

Video from the day 

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