Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frick and Kayaking Lake Arthur

Got to take the GoPro HD out to Frick a couple days ago.  Made the mistake of setting it to 720p 60fps so the size of the video was a bit large, and compression took its toll on the final product, but....

Another video and some photos from the day in Frick here -

Yesterday I went for a nice kayak on Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park.  It was the first outing for my 14 foot Necky Manitou kayak and I couldn't be happier.  Well I guess if I remembered to charge my camera battery before going up...that might.....  The wind gave me some good chop to work through and surf, good times.

Shots from the day -

necky manitou
14 foot Necky Manitou

hidden river canoe trail
The Hidden River Canoe Trail at Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park

kayak beauty
Lake Arthur is beautiful

rest stop
Rest stop

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