Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RAW with the S90 is just awesome

I currently have my Canon S90 set up to take both RAW and JPEG at the highest setting.  Sometimes I just don't want to mess around too much with the RAW and the JPEG looks good enough.  As a result this gives me an idea of just how good the RAW files from the S90 are when compared to the compressed JPEGs.

I went out for a walk in between the rain storms we've been having here in Pittsburgh today.  Great chance to stretch the legs and maybe get a good shot or two.  I only really got one good one before it started raining again and forced me inside.  

Well this is the shot

I think it's pretty cool.  But when I looked at the JPEG I was blown away by the loss of color in the flower and detail in the asphalt road beneath it.

Here's a comparison

Obviously the RAW shot is brighter and more colorful.  Yes, I could tone it down a bit, but the JPEG cannot match the vibrancy of the RAW unless I spend a good deal of time on it.  The glistening raindrops could be dodged, but still....  

I love RAW

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