Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirt Rag Table of Contents

I've had my photographs used in the City Paper, and several other printed publications...not to mention the thousands of impressions from all over the web, but a few days ago I received a very special edition of my favorite magazine in the mail.

Dirt Rag used one of my photographs from the Gravity East competition at Seven Springs for their table of contents background.  It's a shot of Eric McKeegan crashing and an unnamed competition launching over him in the rock garden.  It's not the most technically great shot, but I love it nonetheless!  Especially gracing the inside of Dirt Rag.  

Not only that, David Biber used a my downhill bike in an illustration alongside an article by my friend Matt Weatherbee.  Very cool...especially since he put my last name on the downtube.
Good stuff.

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