Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seven Springs Weekend

I was lucky enough to spend a few days at Seven Springs this past weekend to celebrate Jeff Wuerthele's birthday.  Saturday was an epic cross country ride.  Epic not so much in distance, we did about 28 miles, but epic in took us six and a half hours!!!  Big group, lots of stopping, several mechanicals and falls.  But, no better way to spend a day than out in the fresh air burning calories while laughing and smiling.  Spent the night at Jeff's cabin, well I spent it out in Forbes forest (across the driveway) in a tree, but...
Woke up on Sunday to some French toast and omelets, followed by a great day of gravity on Seven Springs' downhill course. 

Photo gallery from the weekend -

And some select photographs -

Slow, children at play...perfect

Heidi took one for the team

Heinz had all he can take

Jeff making some torches

Heather killin' it out on the course

That's how we end things

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