Monday, July 12, 2010

Trail Maintenance weekend, Frick then the Dr J Freeride Trail in North Park

This weekend was set aside for some trail work.  Saturday was the first Frick Park trail day in a while.  Seth had been the steward, but I think his job at Venture Outdoors took up too much of his time so he passed the reins onto Jon and DeeDee.  Nice turnout, light workday.

Sunday was another killer day working on Dr J in North Park.  New trail was cut in, along with a berm to set up the entry onto a new deck feature we built.  Solid as always, fun as always.  Nobody rode it because the cement footers were still setting up when we left her.  The freeride trail is coming along, getting better every time I get out there.  Awesome!

Gallery from Frick -
Gallery from Dr J -

and a few cool pics from both

tree surgery

my artistic attempt for the day

dr j berm and launch



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