Tuesday, August 10, 2010

East End Brewing @ OTB Beer Club

Last night the beer club at OTB was treated to some fine beers from East End Brewing.  Scott brought Illustration Ale, Wooden Nickel Saison, Black Strap Stout, Monkey Boy, Wood St. Kvass, and Slartibartfast with him...along with a few pint glasses for us to take home!  Thanks Scott....and Mike.
We also had Pedal Pale Ale from the tap, and some berry beer of which its name escapes me right now.
I've missed the a couple meetings, but glad I was around for this one.  Unfortunately, kind of, it wasn't colder outside and the Snow Melt wasn't available.  Snow Melt is my favorite!  Be on the lookout for another firkin at OTB...this time it's going to be Big Hop...EXTRA hoppy with the freshest of the fresh hops!!!

Thanks again to all who work to pull this off every month.

Gallery from the evening - http://www.jonpratt.com/2010/OTB-Beer-Club-East-End-Brewing

Some photographs -

East End Brewing's Illustration Ale
East End Brewing's Illustration Ale

Getting schooled in beer
Mike doling out the goods

My ride home

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