Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moraine Ride then Kayak

Yesterday was a good day. Met Jim, Don, Spurk and Biber at the Moraine State Park mountain bike parking lot at 9AM. Spurk worked on a wheel for a bit, then we went out to put in some new signage. The ride started about 10:30 and ended up taking about 4 hours. 12 miles later we were all smiles in the lot, dripping from head to toe. After shooting the bull, I went down to Lake Arthur for a paddle. Ended up kayaking for 5 glorious miles, and came back to the car beat.

Ride photos -

Kayak photos -

Some fun shots from the day

Biber rockin' out

Don mastering the features


Wheelie master Jim

It was so freakin' nice out at Moraine

Kayaking on Lake Arthur wasn't too bad either

A beautiful day kayaking on Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park
Not bad at all!

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